Storagegeeks – Expanding Operator Case Study

Exapnding operator required a fully-integrated and scalable site-management, access control and security solution.


Our client was expanding its operations from a single-site selfstorage facility and was fitting out their second site in Chertsey, Surrey. They needed a fully-integrated site management, access control and security solution that was backwards compatible with their existing site and could be integrated with a booking management platform in the future.

storagegeeks interior
Storagegeeks cctv
Storagegeeks access control 1

StorBox Solution

We installed the StorBox solution which incorporated access control, IP CCTV, door unit alarms, PA system and customer help points. The site can now be operated on a completely unmanned basis, when the client needs to do so. Our installation was designed to ensure that the StorBox software and the associated access control and CCTV would be compatible with the client’s existing sites. The client now has a fully-scalable platform to support the continued planned expansion of their business.

The team at StorBox are passionate, super knowledgeable, and really helped us through the process. We would recommend it to other Self Storage Companies as this is a forward thinking solution deisgned to grow with the business.

Bill Brenan

Director, Storagegeeks

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