The StorBox ‘Out-of-the-box’ Solution

StorBox is an ‘out-of-the-box’, flexible, cloud-based operations platform that integrates with our turnkey access control and security solutions and enables self-storage operators to centrally manage single or multiple storage locations. StorBox can provide a turnkey solution to all your access control and security requirements for new sites and complete refurbishments, or adopt your existing access control and security systems.

It enables self-storage operators to manage multiple sites with minimal manpower requirements, enabling the potential to reduce costs and improve efficiency. In many cases, sites can be operated unmanned if your systems and processes have been set up to allow for this.

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Access Control

Centrally manage access control across all your sites. There is the option to synchronise the data with your Space Manager account. We can provide a complete turnkey solution, with a full design and installation of a new access control system, or adopt your existing system and integrate it with StorBox

CCTV Systems

StorBox offers a complete turnkey solution for your security needs, or can integrate with your existing CCTV Cameras and feed directly into our the StorBox platform, recognising the importance you and your customers place on security. Our system provides you with the ability to provide clarification accountability should the need arise giving you and you customers peace of mind. In the event of an out of hours situation occurring our 24/7 365 days a year monitoring centre will keep watch and notify you of any alarms triggered with CCTV verification.

Individual Door Unit Alarms

Individual unit door alarms can be monitored, armed and disarmed remotely, helping provide industry-leading levels of security, with efficient operational management and ease of use for your staff and customers.

Intercom Systems and Help-points

Customer communication and Health & Safety are our key considerations. In our experience with clients, situations can arise where a new customer simply wants to enquire or and existing customer wants advice or even assistance. We provide the solutions to connect you with your customers with our 3G/4G Intercom ‘out-of-the-box’ solution.

Public Address System

Communication is key when dealing with customers, so StorBox gives you the ability to make live announcements from an operators’ perspective with an nnmanned site, or even our monitoring centre needing to make announcements live in the event of an alarm activation. You’ll even be able to play ambient music for your clients if desired.

Remote Central Monitoring

A 24/7/365 response centre has secure access to provide remote monitoring of all your storage facilities, with access to CCTV footage and alerts. Access allows the central monitoring station staff to verify live events and respond as required, providing support or challenge as the situation evolves. The two-way customer help and public address system allows for direct communication with anyone on site.

Multi-Site Management

Remote site management provides the ability for you to offer extended access to customers, safe in the knowledge that they are always monitored and protected. It also allows us to offer continuous system health monitoring, meaning we can often deal with potential issues before they become apparent.

Booking Platform Integration

StorBox can be integrated with self-storage booking platforms to provide efficient operational control. Our ‘out-of-the-box’ integration with Space Manager allows you to synchronise data between their software and StorBox. This offers you a seamless process, from setting up a new customer with all the necessary codes and access rights, to potentially locking out customers who haven’t paid their bills. The booking platform integration improves operational efficiency across management of security and access control for your sites. Yoru customers begin their journey on your website, and can be set up as cusutomers remotely.

StorBox is your ‘out-of-the-box’ solution to operational management of single and multi-site self-storage facilities. With our Space Manager integration, you can quickly deploy a low-touch, sophisticated customer management, access control and security platform that will allow you to efficiently manage operations on one or all of your sites.

Find out how StorBox can help you improve flexibility and efficiency in your storage business, with our range of options that can help facilitate unmanned site management. We can help you with new installations or adopt your existing access control and security systems. Contact us now to discuss your requirements and discover more about the contents of our box.

"The team at StorBox are passionate, super knowledgeable, and really helped us thorugh the process. We would recommend it to other Self Storage Companies as this is a forward thinking solution designed to grow with the business."